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Founded in 1871 in Hanover, Germany, the Continental group's tyres are considered to be one the world's most efficient tyres available today. Continental tyres are designed and manufactured to deliver a superior driving performance through exceptional tracking in all weather conditions across various terrains, increased rroad control, superior fuel efficiency and high value for money.  Continental Tyres offer numerous summer and all season tyres to meet the requirements of distinct road vehicles: passenger cars, SUVs and Vans.

Passenger Tyres

Continental Tyres offer several all round premium tyre ranges that are suitable for standard compact, medium or full sized cars. At Tyroola, you can find Continental passenger care tyres for your luxury car, touring car and city car. The most popular patterns within this category are:

  • ContiSportContact - sporty tyres with maximum safety
  • ContiPremiumContact - high-level tyres for comfort and safety
  • ContiEcoContact - a fuel efficient range of tyres

SUV Tyres - High Safety & Premium Performance

Continental's SUV tyre range offers a choice of highway tyres and touring tyres that are built to enhance your driving performance through superior road grip, fuel efficiency and noise reduction. The most popular patterns within this category at Tyroola are:

  • ContiCrossContact UHP - a high performance tyre for SUVs
  • ContiCrossContact LX Sport - a tyre designed for medium to heavy vehicles
  • ContiTrac SUV - a tyre for medium to heavy SUVs

Van Tyres with Higher Mileage 

The Continental range offers safe and efficient tyres for a variety of vehicles, including vans, commercial vehicles and motor homes. These tyres offer high mileage, heavy load resistance and reduced noise. The most popular patterns within this category at Tyroola are:

  • ContiVanContact 100 - an all round tyre designed for long distances and heavy loads
  • VancoEco - a tyre designed for light and commercial vehicles
  • Vanco 2 - a high-performance tyre for payload vans
  • VancoContact 2 - a tyre designed for car derived vans

We provide Australia-wide delivery with free shipping to major metro areas, including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

This is why One in Three cars manufactured in Europe have been fitted with Continental tyres.


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